Why Are Silver Bracelets So Loved By Women

If you are looking for the perfect women’s silver bracelet, then the good news is that you will find tons of good options both on and off-line. Depending on where you shop, its possible to find many different styles of bracelets – in fact you are almost guaranteed to find som,ething that suits your needs. And, whats more, if you cant find one ready made then there are loads of great designers specialising in custom jewellery. If you are searching for bespoke handcrafted jewellery, I recommend that you try out Just Gems. Or, you could simply try searching your local craft shows or flea markets. However, before you start shopping, if you would like some advice on how to select the best silver bracelet, then this article will supply a few helpful tips.

Get The Look

If you’re into the more sophisticated look, then you might prefer a traditional Byzantine style of bracelet. These bracelets are made with lots of little knots and links wound together in intricate patterns, and they can be crafted from a variety of metals. One of the most frequently used, however, is sterling silver.


When matched with an accompanying Byzantine style necklace, these bracelets form a perfect set suitable for any occasion. This kind of style has been in use for hundreds of years and has been used to create beautiful jewellery across countless fashion trends, so it certainly won’t go out of style. The Celtic knot bracelet is similar in fashion to the Byzantine style and it’s also created using knotwork. Celtic knots really look stunning when done on a silver bracelet, but they also look great on many other types of jewellery.

For something a bit more unusual then I recommend that you look at  the silver bracelets which are made by the Native Americans in the Southwestern part of the United States. The majority of these bracelets have a semi precious stone included in them. This style of jewellery can be made with modern methods, but many jewellers still prefer to do it with the traditional handmade methods. Dont fret though, because Handmade Native American bracelets and other such jewellery is sold in many places, including online, so you don’t have to visit the Southwest to find it. There are also vintage silver bracelets made in this style, though you have to be careful to make sure such items are authentic and not reproductions.

The personalization of bracelets is a very popular trend these days. When it comes to Valentine’s Day, and birthdays, this type of gift is especially popular. People who get bracelets engraved  with their name or initials, tend to hold onto these items forever. So, you might want to give one , as a special Valentine’s Day gift; a bracelet with a heart clasp for example. These items are always cherished! When it comes to graduations or anniversaries, engraved bracelets make the perfect gift for these occasions. Write a short message or have the date engraved on the item for a special touch that will make the person receiving it very special and it will also act as a treasured keepsake. If you’re looking for a personalized silver bracelet, then, agian, the good news is that there are many jewellery stores that will offer this service. Surprisingly, there are also a growing number of  websites that sell jewellery and they will also engrave it for a smal ladditional fee. Of course, because you are doing this over the internet you need to take extra care o ensure that the message is exactly right before ordering.

Despite the fact that authentic Sterling Silver costs more money than normal costume jewellery, it is well worth the added cost, but stick to your budget. Even in these troubled times silver is still very appealing and affordable and, as a special giftt,a silver bracelet, will be treasured from the moment you receive it.

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