Love costume jewelry? Get a jewelry making supplies catalog and make your own!

Oh, but for a bigger jewellery budget! Most women agree that owing too much jewelry is just not possible!. However, money always gets in the way of our desires so, if you're hooked on jewelry, here's a fun and inexpensive hobby that allows you to expand your jewellery case contents with original creations you make yourself. Even if you don't feel that you're the artistic type, take heart because necklaces, earrings and bracelets have only so many shapes and variations, so the design process is actually quite easy. All you need are some basic jewelry making supplies and a little time.

Jewelry making supplies are a specialized niche of the arts and crafts market. Craft shops may stock some supplies, but your choices are limited. For an eye-opening look at the variety and breadth of your choices, Google 'jewelry making supplies'. These specialty sites have no shortage of inventory for every facet of jewelry making.

You'll find faux jewels, beads, clay, silver and gold ornaments, chains, earring hooks and necklace clasps. Ideas for fabulous pieces that will match a particular costume will jump out at you. Be sure to check out the tool section for more inspiration. With just a tiny little hammer, you can make trendy one-of-a-kind earrings from rolls of metal wire, pounded flat into any shape you wish.

Most jewelry making supply houses offer both online and printed catalogs. The online catalogs may not include every item they offer, so be sure to order a printed catalog that …